A farewell to chicago

So, I’m pushing off from these shores in under two weeks. It strikes me that it would be good to gather my peeps for a last hurrah or two before I go. In that spirit, I’m going to propose an activity on my last day of work (a week from tomorrow), which may involve dinner and/or a bar. And maybe something the day after that involving a smaller partay at my temporary domicile.

Once again, if you wish to color outside the lines, leave a comment. =)

Travel ambitions

A week or two ago at work, I wrote down a list of vacations I’d like to take. Or vacation destinations, roughly. I’ll be trying to take it easy on the budget this school year, but I’ll have weekends free, so I’m thinking 3-5 non-family related trips. One of the key features is seeing people I know, or meeting bloggers I’ve read, in the destinations. Especially if they can show me around or put me up. Another key feature is places I’ve never been to before, or at least haven’t been to recently.

Other proposals are welcome, leave them as comments. =)

New personals ad

Seeking: dorky gay guy. Must be articulate, supportive, and intellectually inclined, some competitiveness okay. Gentleness and sensitivity strongly preferred. Ambition and environmental consciousness desired. Endearing awkardness a plus. Fondness for scifi, comic books, strategy and/or roleplaying games (board, tabletop, and/or computer), On again/off again or more frequent gym habit, familiarity with computers, particularly open source, also pluses.

C’mon a guy can dream, right? If you know such a person, in chicago, minneapolis, or possibly le bay area (assuming I get offered a job with gao, and swing a transfer), please, do arrange to introduce us.

[ETA: in retrospect I’m thinking the “musts” could use a “must be able to handle complex syntax with grace, see below”.]

This poll has been brought to you by the letters S, C, and U. Please, do not attempt to take it seriously, do not operate heavy machinery afterwards, consult your PCP if vomitting persists.