Health/Exercise Aside

After the birthday party I went to last night, the multiple hard lemonades, the cake, the bread, and the cheese, I figured that my weight goals were more boned than ever. Turns out, I’m down another couple pounds from Friday to 169. (yay random fluctuation?) Which is the least I’ve weighed in years, but I’m not losing strength. I am pleased by this. Results are visible.

And to the naysayers, weight is just a convenient, non-invasive metric that I can track on a daily basis. Nothing magic about 160, really. But lower weight has a few advantages, including a reduced risk of diabetes, which is a serious concern given my genetics. And I’m nowhere near health risks from eating too little.

It has occurred to me that people talk about how they don’t want to have to watch what they eat, because they want to enjoy life. But when I keep eating past the point of fullness, I’m not really enjoying the food that much. And when I’m actually hungry (including after long, intense cardio), food tastes amazingly good.

Regardless, maybe I should actually get back to tracking things. And save the next all I can eat Indian buffet until I’m well ahead of my goals.