Transcontinental Biking and my mother

I told my mom about my biking plans, which I shall hereafter refer to as mistake #1.

She is so not about this sort of thing. The first thing she says is “oh, just like Uncle [redacted]” (who had a schitzophrenic break), she then goes on to tell me that it’s not safe, and even though I’m going with a friend (and I said nothing of the sort to her) it’s not safe. She doesn’t provide any sort of backing for it being “not safe”.

Yet strangely, this was the first time in years that I ended a phone call to my mother by telling her I loved her. She was expressing her concern for me in a paranoid sorta way. And for once I felt I was getting equal treatment with my sisters =) And for the first time in years, (on her next phone call) she skipped the “I love you”. It’s weird, but a little more comfortable.

Nothing too deep or insightful today

Just finished lifting & aerobic exercise. I kinda like this sort of workout. It means I can workout like 3 times a week, cover both bases, and still have most of my nights pretty open. Of course, this was over lunch, but I have to get it in before they take the liquid N2 to the bottom of my feet, later this afternoon. Tends to kill my desire to do aerobic activity. =)

Hopefully this will be the last time they have to freeze the cluster of three little warts so close together. The overlapping megablister makes walking very unpleasant. Biking was doable last time, awkward, but not painful. We shall see what we shall see.

transcontinental bike plans

Originally, I thought this was a really out-there plan, and it sounded like alot of fun. Now it seems alot less out there, and even more like something I want to do. It would be late june – late august 2003. I’d be doing it by myself (though tardis has offered to semi-accompany: he’d be touring via motorcycle, and leap-frogging me the whole way.)

I’m thinking I’ll most likely do a fairly circuitous route (provincetown – boston – burlington vt – ithaca ny – cleveland – chicago – madison wi – minneapolis – denver co – santa fe – phoenix – san diego – san francisco.) over roughly 2 months (possibly a couple of extra days).

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Well, my ambitious cooking plans were put on hold due to a present roommate that wanted to sleep (the nerve 😉 So, instead I scammed all the Genji equipment off of Elmdor. It wasn’t easy but it was kinda cool. All I had to do was kill off his lovely assistants as quickly as possible, break his ankles, so he wouldn’t run away, or kill me for that matter, and keep trying to take everything that wasn’t surgicially attached to his body.

That was at like 6am, when I couldn’t get to sleep. Couldn’t get to sleep after that either, so I did a couple sun salutes (that’s a yoga thing) and went for a walk in frick park. Heading back home soon so I can do the grocery shopping necessary for the cooking plans, but the whole yoga & walk in the park made for a good start to the day, I should do that more often.