So, I ended up playing around with my camera last night. More pics resulted. Also got one of Ro. Think I’m doing better with the gimping of photos, particularly on the color front. I offer the following pic of Ro as an example, in the first I controlled the color of ro and the background separately with brightness/contrast adjustments. In the second, I simply manipulated the color curve to consolidate brighter colors, increase contrast on darker ones, and generally brighten the pic. I like the latter pic much better:

comparison pics

digital camera fun

I finally got around to borrowing the digital camera download cable from a friend of mine, and downloaded some of my old lame pics of san fran from july of 2000. I really have to get one of my own.

Then I played around for a bit, and made some actually recent pics of yours truly. They can be found at and are the ones with filenames that start off “apr11darlington”. Let me know which ones you like, and, if you’ve ever seen me in real life, which ones actually look like me. =)