New personals ad

Seeking: dorky gay guy. Must be articulate, supportive, and intellectually inclined, some competitiveness okay. Gentleness and sensitivity strongly preferred. Ambition and environmental consciousness desired. Endearing awkardness a plus. Fondness for scifi, comic books, strategy and/or roleplaying games (board, tabletop, and/or computer), On again/off again or more frequent gym habit, familiarity with computers, particularly open source, also pluses.

C’mon a guy can dream, right? If you know such a person, in chicago, minneapolis, or possibly le bay area (assuming I get offered a job with gao, and swing a transfer), please, do arrange to introduce us.

[ETA: in retrospect I’m thinking the “musts” could use a “must be able to handle complex syntax with grace, see below”.]

This poll has been brought to you by the letters S, C, and U. Please, do not attempt to take it seriously, do not operate heavy machinery afterwards, consult your PCP if vomitting persists.

Transcontinental Biking and my mother

I told my mom about my biking plans, which I shall hereafter refer to as mistake #1.

She is so not about this sort of thing. The first thing she says is “oh, just like Uncle [redacted]” (who had a schitzophrenic break), she then goes on to tell me that it’s not safe, and even though I’m going with a friend (and I said nothing of the sort to her) it’s not safe. She doesn’t provide any sort of backing for it being “not safe”.

Yet strangely, this was the first time in years that I ended a phone call to my mother by telling her I loved her. She was expressing her concern for me in a paranoid sorta way. And for once I felt I was getting equal treatment with my sisters =) And for the first time in years, (on her next phone call) she skipped the “I love you”. It’s weird, but a little more comfortable.