Prospects and People and food in SF

Well, talking to the GAO office went okay. I think I came across as a bit strident, but I tend to make that first impression, I think, particularly on work related things. Reviewing their teams and options and stuff, I’m still in favor of returning to the bay but less intently focused on that. Taken together, this means that future life at GAO would likely be in Chicago. And I’m okay with that.

The ERG did not impress me much. Or, at least, not as an option for me. I have several interests, but they apparently don’t do the sort of energy policy I’d like to do for the developed world so much. I was told it would definitely fit, because they have a very broad program, but that they don’t have faculty that really examine that stort of thing. Not terribly surprising. They recommended CMU and Penn State, though the prof I talked to admitted it was not so much his specialty, and I’d be better off talking to professor A (who wasn’t available, and likely won’t be while I’m in town). Enh, oh well. That’s sort of a safety option and there are probably better safety options for me.

Dear Diary…

movie time with Jhim and Robbie

My 4th of July wasn’t too terribly eventful, but it was pretty fun. Reversing the situation from last week, is in my city of residence for work-related purposes. So, he, and I did something much like what he, , and I did. Hang out, catch a movie (Bewitched, I was rather disappointed, they could have done so much better…) and dinner at the chicago diner. is a great guy, who I would recommend to just about anyone for an evening of around-the-town fun. is also quite cool, and it’s fun (if not difficult) to make him blush, even if it doesn’t show on him.

Pride summary

Saturday: Gymnastics, Howl’s Moving Castle (good for disney, somewhat disappointing for Miyazaki) with , Mexican also with Robbie, CGMC concert with where I spotted , Seth, and Wayne. (well, Seth spotted me). The concert was somewhere between okay and good. The summer practice period is pretty short, and they usually team up with another concert for it. This year, they did not, and it showed. While the staging, costumes, and coreography were impressive, the music was less so.

Afterwards, and I walked to the pick me up. Much food was had. informed me of a great deal of the inner workings of lj’ers of which I’d previously been unaware. Fascinating.

Home & bed.

Next day, big-ass, nasty tasting, tequila rich margarita in a plastic cup and bad chili with straight coworker to start the pride parade. Watching the parade with the straight coworkers from the neighborhood. Counting the protesters. (there were 7 of them). The marching band played “jesus loves me” for them. Then off to ‘s party. Wildness ensued, though I took little part in it. I had a drink or two. I remember a beer and a fruity malt beverage while surrounded by bears. I met (and may I say, christian, nice catch) and the cute, sweet, self-proclaimed slumlord, from austin. Dinner at mamacita’s where someone who doesn’t speak english so good apparently had a problem understanding both “no cheese” and “sin queso”. *sigh*. Hugs & home.


Up at 3:30am on a monday packing for a trip to DC. Drug Information Association annual meeting. Another waitperson with english troubles, who also understood neither “sin queso” nor “no cheese”. I miss san fran. Or maybe just El Sombrero in Berkeley.

If I do get and take a position with the gao, odds are good I will try to get a rotation through San Fran’s field office, working for the Natural Resources and the Environment team. I’d try to liver in the lower Haight. Mmmm, axum. Mmm, punky lookin’ guys.

I’m now slightly tipsy after having visited Halo (sadly asocially) and taken advantage of their second drink free happy hour special. And chatting with gay men, while in a bed & breakfast in dupont circle. I was also singing a bit of Sarah McLachlan to myself on the way back from the bar. (over and over again). I don’t think it gets much gayer without another guy being involved. *wistful sigh*

“Hey your glass is empty. It’s a hell of a long way home. Why don’t you let me take you? It’s no good to go alone.”

cooking plans

Planning to make an apple pie, a peach-blueberry cobbler, zucchini and cauliflower curry (& maybe some roti or paratha), cream of cauliflower soup, roots & greens stew (also with zucchini), and like 6 loaves worth of bread dough, freezing all but 1 loaf. And here’s why I think this is so cool, and everyone should think about trying this.

1) it’s cheap

2) it’s easy to get vegan (or other dietary restriction) food

3) it’ll be made my way, since I’m making it

4) the food quality ought to improve with practice (as opposed to going out to eat, where the food quality is pretty static)

5) I’m not paying out the ass to middlemen who don’t add corresponding value to my food. (mostly prepared from produce from a nonchain local market, and the nearby food co-operative)

6) It’s healthy.

7) If I do all the work now, and freeze the food, I can have a homemade meal conveniently later, without having to do lots of work at the time.

8) It gives me something productive to do with my weekend rather than spend half a day playing with my web journal or trying to scam all the Genji gear off of Elmdor (yay final fantasy tactics)