Laptop update: Kiss that data goodbye

Well, my laptop was boxed up in Houston with the monitor repaired and sent off to MN. That’s the good news. That’s the only good news.

When the package got to the store in Edina, it had been busted open and retaped with my laptop nowhere to be found. Thank you, DHL. So, the apple store says it’s going to take an additional week to get my laptop replaced, but that I can get a loaner in the meantime. ??? Why not just give me the fucking loaner?

Okay, leaving that aside, time for an assessment of loss. I don’t know when the last time I did a full backup was, but it was shortly before I left Chicago. Probably around the time of the great laptop dvd-drive replacement. I did fortunately back up my class related stuff right before sending out the laptop for repair. And my porn downloads went to my backup drive after the aforementioned dvd drive replacement. Whoopee? So the main thing I’ll be missing are a month and a half of adium chat logs. That is a source of sadness, but not an insurmountable one. That and the time to configure my system the way I want it. Install software, download patches, etc, etc. Next time they send some of my hardware off for repair, they should give me the hard drive and send the rest.

I lose nowhere near as recently did. Perhaps that is the reason I am not filled with rage. Frustration, annoyance, yes. Rage, no.