Committing to more active blogging, question about where

I stopped blogging in large part due to discouragement/intimidation from my longest running employer. But I found it rewarding and did rather a lot of it as one can see here. I think it’d be good to get back into dumping a bit more from my brain and examining it in words, where I know other people can see and comment on it. Livejournal has lost most of its user base. Nobody reads or has accounts (or really should have accounts) on this, my little vanity domain blog. And while facebook has the audience, the stable platform, and the notifications, something about it seems other than conducive to the sort of long form posts I used to write. Also, facebook already knows enough about me, and I have too little control over the data there. For now, vanity domain blog with link posted to facebook (maybe twitter / tumblr / other seething internet cesspits) seems good enough, but if anyone has better ideas, lemme know.

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