Since he asked so nicely

invited me to list 5 of my idiosyncracies…

This is harder than it sounds. I feel like I’m made of idiosyncracies, but when I try to come up with them, identities or other not-really-idiosyncracies come to mind. For instance, veganism doesn’t count. That’s more identity politics. But I digress. My list…

  1. I like living in a unit with several people, but must have my own bedroom. If I have a single or an efficiency, I will spend extraordinary amounts of time with friends who have more populous homes.
  2. I put pillows on my head and wear them as hats. Also laundry baskets, pots, bowls, and other such non-hat items.
  3. When flying, I generally cross my arms on my knees, lay my head on my arms, and nap that way. Typically I wake up with one of my arms asleep, in 10-15 minutes.
  4. I think A1 is the best condiment for fries
  5. I bounce. When I’m bored, hyper, meeting new people, hanging out with old friends, by myself, whatever. I bounce.