Character Concept

The character concept as it currently stands is a lycanthrope/undead hunter, bastard child of an illicit affair between two aristocratic merchant houses. In his adolescence he develops a mark with magical powers from his father’s house. He hides the mark, runs away from home, and lives in the wild for a time, where he is picked up and trained by a forest warden. He enjoys the work, but finds the life too solitary, so he wanders again, this time to larger places, and finds his place in the Church of the Silver Flame. Here he thrives and grows into his purpose.

Years pass.

Tailing a werewolf in a farflung jungle, he follows her into a set of overgrown ruins, and stepping through a moss covered stone arch, he finds himself in a park on the edge of an enormous, interplanar metropolis. After a few days, he finds himself lost, hungry, and with no obvious way back home, his target nowhere to be found. He finds a few adherents of his church in a community, but no authority figure guiding them. As they teach him about his new home, he begins to take on a leadership role within the community. Protecting them and finding a way back home are key goals for *insert name here*.

Human, male, 32yo Ranger 2/Paladin 4
str 16 dex 6 con 12 int 12 wis 12 cha 14 + 2-5 points (first two: con, next two: wis, last one: cha)

skills concentrated in survival (for tracking), search, riding, maybe knowledge religion, & nature, concentration.

feats: least and lesser dragonmark of passage (expeditious retreat 2/day and dimension door 1/day), knight training (can freely take levels of ranger without mucking up his ability to progress as a paladin), and something else.

Ranger fighting style will probably be two-weapon, but irrelevant (he’ll typically be in heavy armor, though if he’s tracking people through a jungle, I suppose full plate might be sub-optimal). Favored enemy will be lycanthropes.


Well, my ambitious cooking plans were put on hold due to a present roommate that wanted to sleep (the nerve 😉 So, instead I scammed all the Genji equipment off of Elmdor. It wasn’t easy but it was kinda cool. All I had to do was kill off his lovely assistants as quickly as possible, break his ankles, so he wouldn’t run away, or kill me for that matter, and keep trying to take everything that wasn’t surgicially attached to his body.

That was at like 6am, when I couldn’t get to sleep. Couldn’t get to sleep after that either, so I did a couple sun salutes (that’s a yoga thing) and went for a walk in frick park. Heading back home soon so I can do the grocery shopping necessary for the cooking plans, but the whole yoga & walk in the park made for a good start to the day, I should do that more often.