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So, my older sister Elizabeth, tagged me on a chain letter meme. I usually deplore these, but this one seems pretty good. I won’t be tagging others, but you can follow suit if you feel so inspired. Top 10 influential books in my life. When referencing series or anthologies, I’ll try to identify a story in particular that stood out to me:

  1. Ender’s game.
  2. the Prydain Chronicles, particularly Taran Wanderer
  3. The Hero and the Crown (I still have a ragged old copy of this book, it has immense sentimental value.)
  4. Magic’s Pawn, Promise, and Price. (It’s a trilogy, probably the first one stuck with me the most)
  5. Guns, Germs, and Steel broadened my perspective on the world and changed the way I think about technology, society, and material advantage.
  6. Dave Duncan’s “A Handful of Men”¬†Pentology, particularly the Living God” (Most epic touching happy/sad ending ever)
  7. Vorkosigon Saga, by Bujold. Don’t make me choose a favorite, I will cut you. (Thanks, Laura Valentine), honorable mention to the Chalion series, but I’m not doubling up on authors and you can’t make me.
  8. A wind in the door (barely beats out a wrinkle in time, or arm of the starfish, but didn’t get into the rest of her work as much)
  9. Dragonlance Chronicles. It’s hella lame, but I tried to be Raistlin for about 3 years, no sense in denying it. Thank heavens I found better role models. Bupu forever!
  10. Everything Octavia Butler ever wrote, except the parables. (Thanks again, Laura).
  11. Narnia. (I realized I’d forgotten it, but I didn’t want to bump anything else)

I will say that I also read a ton of fairy tale anthologies and re-re-re-read Bulfinch’s mythology (and not just for the statue pics), but those seem not quite in keeping with the theme. Similarly, I’m not including Sandman because the wrong medium. Choose your own adventures as a narrative structure also deserve honorable mention if for no other reason than because I kept running out of fingers, and it definitely helped make understanding coding so much easier.

So, final tally:

4 Scifi, 6 fantasy, 1 non-fiction.

5 female authors, 5 male authors, 1 husband/wife co-author team

1 black author.

2 Female protagonists, 3 male protagonists, 5 Ensemble PoV stories (mostly male in most cases)

1 queer protagonist

1 protagonist (ensemble, really) of color (?)

Aside from the scifi/fantasy section of the library in general, Elizabeth and then Laura have probably done more to introduce me to these books than anyone else. Thank you both.

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