Good weekend

We had a good first weekend in SF. My work obligations were actually pretty well taken care of when I left town. Friday we finished watching the second SciFi dune mini series disk before crashing. (it had been our primary in flight entertainment). Saturday was board games, and we started off with shadow hunters with its expansion (a reasonable length 8 player game), then we tried out dead_platypus‘s birthday gift to me, Vasco da Gama. and handed our butts to us. Then it was 5 player Mu. I kept bidding aggressively (as always). Until someone who actually knows how to play trick taking games () started bidding aggressively. He won. We followed this with an annoying struggle to get in to our apartment rental, and then vegetarian restaurant tastiness with nearby.

Sunday we hiked on the peninsula, watched simpsons & law and order with , and then had dinner with , , and , followed up by ticket to ride. Pliny decided he’d lost in the first couple of turns, and made it his life mission to block everyone else from scoring. He did so very effectively with me. With two routes that did him absolutely no good, he knocked me from 57 points to -17 points.

Monday is our most unplanned day out here. I’m currently thinking a bike rental and riding the three bears, followed by dinner of some sort, but that’s about all I have planned. Rest of the week pretty booked with fun things.

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