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I just found out that a new MMORPG is supposed to come out this year: final fantasy XIV. I liked FFXI, and Seth, Pliny’s old friend and our host in Seattle (Redmond) this week, told me they fixed many of the problems: now it has solo play, level matching capabilities (totally absent in WoW, present in CoH), and more instance options. I want to play it. But, I also want to make sure as many friends of mine as possible are on the same damn server. Pliny has said he wants to try playing it casually. I fear for his tenure under these circumstances, but understand.

So, who out there would be likely to try Final Fantasy XIV, and interested in being on the same server as me? =)

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    1. Hmmm, where do I sign up for the beta.

      Yeah, we’re heading out to snoqualmie falls this afternoon, dinner plans this evening, and train to Portland tomorrow. Sadly, may have to wait until next time…

    2. Has there been any mention as to when the beta testing will be starting? I think I read somewhere that SE wants about six months of beta testing before launching the game. Which tells me that it’ll be launched in the fall sometime. But, I’m hoping for summer.

  1. I will be giving it a go. SE came out with level sync in FFXI a couple of years ago and it make creating parties so much easier. Almost all of the frustration of finding people went away. There were still some kinks with armor if you “deleveled” yourself. But, still, it was a much better system than what happened previously.

    My biggest reason for deciding against it really is the time commitment. Let’s face it, it really is hard to play casually. These games, if done well, are like crack.

  2. Seems you managed to miss the Great Snowstorm of 2010 here.

    I would be interested, though I’ve never played a FF game before.

    I also have a beta key to a new free “2.5D” MMORPG called Battle of the Immortals. Since it’s free I’ll probably give that a shot.

  3. When it hits the XBox 360 console, then I’ll be giving it a shot. I loved the last one, however, the pacing was TERRIBLY slow… you can only kill so many rabbits before you wanna rip your eyes out…

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