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Planning to make an apple pie, a peach-blueberry cobbler, zucchini and cauliflower curry (& maybe some roti or paratha), cream of cauliflower soup, roots & greens stew (also with zucchini), and like 6 loaves worth of bread dough, freezing all but 1 loaf. And here’s why I think this is so cool, and everyone should think about trying this.

1) it’s cheap

2) it’s easy to get vegan (or other dietary restriction) food

3) it’ll be made my way, since I’m making it

4) the food quality ought to improve with practice (as opposed to going out to eat, where the food quality is pretty static)

5) I’m not paying out the ass to middlemen who don’t add corresponding value to my food. (mostly prepared from produce from a nonchain local market, and the nearby food co-operative)

6) It’s healthy.

7) If I do all the work now, and freeze the food, I can have a homemade meal conveniently later, without having to do lots of work at the time.

8) It gives me something productive to do with my weekend rather than spend half a day playing with my web journal or trying to scam all the Genji gear off of Elmdor (yay final fantasy tactics)

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  1. yay for cooking ahead

    Although I’m not even close to being vegan (mmm, meat *scarf*hurgle*burf*), I agree with you about cooking ahead. For us carnivores, it also allows you to take advantage of periodic sales where usually pricy animal flesh is available for lower cost, provided you buy lots of it. Having home-cooked meals in the freezer is a HUGE timesaver for those days when you just don’t have the time to make something, yet the prospect of another night out or a TV dinner is just too horrible to contemplate. The luxury of having a gigantic freezer also helps, as the dinkyness of most refrigerator freezers makes mass meal freezing a challenge. As for getting better at it…YES, practice certainly makes perfect, or at least closer to it. Being able to cook a nice meal (not just breakfast!) tends to make one more eligible in the singles market too! I’d think this is particularly true if you’re looking for a nice fellow vegan boy to settle down with…

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