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  1. Hello. Found you because posted his comments to your question [your politics?] on his LJ. Which [his LJ] I follow *religiously.* 🙂

    Thank you!!!! for asking him that question! Wow, it triggered a fantastic post in his LJ. Yessssss! [chuckle] Do you think I maybe enjoyed it?

    I’ve been reading him for a while, so I have a general feel for his views. Knew I’d be pretty much in agreement with them. Which is a two-edged sword. 🙁 Because I agree with him and want his view…. I suppose I’m blahhhhhhhh, as a commenter on his LJ. 🙁 Oh well. So be it. I’m a DS ‘groupie.’ [grin] And old DS ‘groupie,’ but…. I can’t do anything about that fact.

    And since I’m addicted to jumping from LJ to LJ to LJ, via comments — Here I am in yours. And it sounds interesting. I’ll lurk around, if that’s OK. And I’m pretty sure it’s OK. *heh*… Aren’t most of us on LJ, happy to have someone come calling? I think so. 🙂

    Again, thank you!! for asking DS that ‘what are your political views’ question!

    1. You are quite correct, it is perfectly fine with me. Congratulations, and thanks for using the intro post link. I intend to answer the question for myself when I get back from all the unique opportunities that DC offers.

  2. Busted. It took me this long to go to your info page. 🙂

    So, howdy. In a former life, you knew me as ra3c or Wob, so I hope that clears that up. I knew you as a variety of names, too, now that I think about it. 🙂 I actually do not recall how I became aware of your LJ, though it was likely through or maybe . I’ve been lurking for a while, now, and it wasn’t until I thought about commenting on something that I realized I’d been rude and not said hi. I was hitting your info page to find your e-mail, but found the intro post, instead, so here I am. My e-mail’s on my info page, if you feel like dropping me a line to do some catchup, but otherwise…seeya ’round LJ. 🙂

  3. heh you’ve been reading my Journal – perhaps we should be friends. i’d be interested in reading about you. and i put up quite a few locked entries at various times 😉 i’ll Friend u now.

  4. Greetings … it’s Laura. (The one who went to OU with your older sister, is one of the Weird Sisters, and all of that.) Found you via a few random clicks on usernames on ‘s info page. Long time, no see. 🙂 I’ve added you.

    1. My dear Ms Cullumbine, how could I have forgotten you? I’ll never forget when I ruined your cd player and had my first in person purity test. =)

      How goes the search for enlightenment?

      1. How goes the search for enlightenment?

        Stalled at an intersection. Lots of maps in glove box, none folded correctly. Have decided to get out of the car and stretch my legs, although I still try to start the car now and again. (I’ve written entries on it here and there, if you’re up for reading.)

        How are things with you? Or shall I just catch up by reading? 🙂

        1. Highly occupied, but good. After many years of wandering around looking for job satisfaction, I’ve come to the conclusion that my tentative decisions were good, and I’m now happy with what I’m doing. Yay for public policy. Yay for working for the feds. =)

          The reading has much to offer.

  5. Just a lad deciding to check you out based on ‘s high recommendation.

    Ok, ok…you caught me. He didn’t recommend you per se, but I thought you were mad sexy, like whoa, y’know!?

            1. Yeah, VPNs are dumb. There are much better ways to provide security that is at least as good. But I believe the world should be running on linux. Regardless, I’ll add you to my adium list. =)

  6. Hey =)

    I’m Eric, and I was intrigued by your bike riding trip, so I added you–

    I’m a Grad Student in Education in Rochester, NY; who is working on creating entries with more regularity =)

    1. Welcome, sorry I didn’t notice this earlier.

      I assume you’re talking about my planned transcontinental bike ride, which is seeming more and more like a pipe dream as time goes on…

  7. Hi,
    You turned up on my LJ-trust-metric list recently, and (if I’m not confusing you with someone else) I met you a few times in Berkeley through Simon. The “engineer turned policy analyst” thing intrigues me, so I’m adding you.

  8. i’ve added you. we appear to have some mutual friends and interests, it seems like the prudent thing to do.

    i can’t promise to behave, but i’ll try to be interesting 🙂

  9. sorry i missed your message


    You IM”ed me on gay.com last night, sorry but I was not even home and forgot i was logged in. If you’d like to chat my AIM/Yahoo id is xanax15mg


  10. Hey guy, saw that you and I shared 10 friends, thought that I would add yah. If 10 of my buds think that you are cool…well then you must be!


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